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Classic massage
1h - 150 zł

It can be relaxing, stimulating or therapeutic according to its intensity. It is a treatment for men and women, for people taking care of their health and good looks.

Classic massage with peeling (body scrub)
1.5h - 250 zł

This is a combination of relaxing classic massage and delicate peeling which provides skin cleaning and refreshing.

Face, neck and cleavage massage
30 min - 80 zł

A treatment improving skin moisturizing and blood supply, it prevents wrinkles. The massage improves skin elasticity what makes the skin to look fresh and more attractive.

Feet massage
30 min - 80 zł

The massage which reduces the ‘’heavy legs’’ feeling and helps to get rid of  stress tension, it calms and relaxes the body. It has a stimulating effect for humans mind, body and soul.

Head massage
20 min - 70 zł

Is very relaxing. It stimulates blood circulation and air hair roots. The massage nourishes skin of head and helps to get rid of redundant epidermis.

Back massage
30 min - 80 zł

This is a therapeutic and deeply relaxing treatment which reduces pain, psychic and physical tensions. It is recommended for those who suffer from circulatory insufficiency, rheumatic diseases, swellings and depression.

Hot stone massage
1.5h - 250 zł

This is a treatment which improves the flow of energy in tired or ill organism what gives better resistance and improves metabolism. It is recommended for those who have stressful lifestyle.

Aromatherapy massage
1h - 200 zł

In this kind of massage we use aromatic oils which positively influence our good mood.

  • Mango oil
  • Orange oil
  • Orchid oil
Candle massage
1h - 200 zł

A treatment which cures by warmth and includes parts of relaxing and aromatherapy massages. Candle warmth loosen tensions and is analgesic. It helps to rebuilt the natural skin protective barrier. The treatment deeply moisturizes skin and gives it a lifting effect.

Shea Butter massage
1h – 200 zł

Shea Butter is a product which contains caring and curing components. It stimulates the activity of cells to counteract aging. It moisturizes perfectly.

Chinese cupping massage
30 min - 80 zł

Helps to eliminate cellulite, model the figure and to firm the skin. The treatment is based on ancient Chinese medicine rules and it is used all over the world.

Sports massage
100 zł

Helps active people to stay in shape, it prevents injuries and removes overtraining effects. In addition it improves metabolism and lets the body to relax after an intensive training.

One part of the body- 25 min

Classic massage + face or feet massage
1.5h - 220 zł
Marina ritual (yogurt mask + shea butter)
1.5h - 280 zł