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Facial treatments are performed  with Thalgo and Forever products . They supply the skin with vitamins, amino acids, trace elements, proteins and minerals, which regenerate cells and ensure proper hydration of the skin. We perform moisturizing, brightening, deeply cleansing, anti-acne, balancing and nutritional treatments.

Rejuvenathing and skin firming treatment
250 zł

The treatment is intended for vascular, discolored and matte skin. It improves the elasticity and firmness of the skin, makes the skin tone even.

Strengthening the blood vessels treatment
250 zł

Suitable for people with mild rosacea, dilated blood vessels and transient erythema (pre-rosacea) .

Deep cleansing aloe treatmment
350 zł

A treatment for oily and combination skin with visible blackheads or acne. It reduces seborrhea of the skin and reduces and closes enlarged skin pores.

Dermo-rebuilding treatment
300 zł

Suitable for dry and dehydrated skin. Calms vascular changes and significantly improves skin firmness.

Algee treatment correcting the signs of aging
250 zł

Suitable for all skin types. It improves skin tone and strongly smoothes. Brightens skin discolorations.

Brightening and illuminating treatment
250 zł

The treatment is intended for dehydrated skin with uneven coloring and pigmented lesions. The effect of strong smoothing and improving skin tone

Aloe moisturizing treatment
200 zł

A treatment for atrophic, matte and poorly moisturized skin. Clearly improves skin hydration and reduces enlarged skin pores.

Mattifing and normalising treatment
200 zł

The treatment is intended for oily and acne skin types. Stimulates subcutaneous circulation, mute inflammation, reduces sebum production and enlarged skin pores.

Brigthening discolarations and improving the skin tone treatment
200 zł

Intended for skin with acne, hormonal and sun discoloration. It improves skin hydration and smoothes its structure.

Aloe rejuvenating treatment for the eye area
200 zł

A skin elasticizing treatment, reduces fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. It eliminates dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. soothes irritations and improves blood and lymph flow around the eyes.

200 zł

This is a 100% natural treatment recommended for oily and acne skin. The main components – micronized algaes – are rich with 46 vitamins and minerals which help to stabilize the sebum secretion. It supports blood circulation and helps to get rid of  toxins.

Renovation radicale treatment
350 zł

A treatment for demanding skin which needs regeneration. It moisturizes deep skin layers and eliminates discolourations.

200 zł

Intensive moisturizing and stimulating treatment for grey and tired skin. It supports blood circulation, transfers water from lymph vessels and moisturize skin.

Clear expert
330 zł

The treatment restores natural radiance and brightness. It helps to eliminate discolourations caused by pregnancy and contraceptives.

Illuminating radiance facial treatment
150 zł

Fast beauty treatment for all types of skin. It has the function of moisturizing, nourishing, smoothing and refreshing the epidermis, removing the signs of tiredness and restoring the skin to a healthy appearance.

Marine silicium treatment
350 zł

A luxury rejuvenating and lifting treatment which is something more than the traditional treatments. High proof active components (like hyaluronic acid, collagen, sea silicon, red algaes Meristotheca Dakarensis and Jania Rubens) provide fast lifting effect. There are two masks in the treatment – collagen mask with hyaluronic acid and modeling Cryo-Modelling Mask. The treatment shapes the face, makes the skin flexible and tense, removes wrinkles and lines, stimulates the collagen and elastin production.

A -PEEL – Lactic acid with urea
160 zł

The treatment recommended for dehydrated, tired and also sensitive skin. The lactic acid and urea very softly exfoliate the skin. It increases the production of proteins and collage, what results in increased skin elasticity.

M-PEEL – Mandelic Acid
180 zł

Active peeling recommended for every skin type, especially for sensitive skin, with irregular discoloration and acne lesions.

S-PEEL- Salicylic Acid
180 zł

A perfect combination for mature and oily skin, with special problems like scars and even stretch marks. The treatment also has an anti-aging and photoprotection effect.

F-PEEL – Ferulic Acid
220 zł

An excellent peeling with brightening, rejuvenating, and regenerating features, at the same time minimizing discolorations. Thanks to these ingredients, the skin acquires an even color and a young and fresh look.

Beauty Hydration Expert
200 zł

Moisturizing and beauty treatment.

DNA Protection Expert
200 zł.

Detoxifying treatment with deep hydration