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The skin always reflects our soul. On its condition depends human’s mood, interpersonal contacts and emotional life. To put all those things go together you should take care of your skin. Beauty salon Marina Day Spa offers high quality aesthetic medidine services. The treatments are based on certified medical preparations and performed by qualified doctors. The aesthetic medicine treatments shoot for primping skin appearance and mental comfort, preventing aging.

Botox treatments

Nowadays, botox is a very well known substance used in aesthetic medicine treatments. Botox applied under the skin blocks nerve impulses, relaxes muscles which are responsible for wrinkles. Another skin functions like innervations, sense and colour do not change. This treatment is reversible. Its effect is visible from 4 to 6 weeks. These kind of treatments are recommended for facial lines.

The price depends on product’s quantity and kind.

  • One area – 350-400 zł
  • Two areas – 750-800 zł
  • Three areas – 1000-1100 zł
Hyaluronic acid treatments

Hyaluronic acid is a skin basic component which keeps its proper moisturization level. Hyaluronic acid preparations injected under the skin fill wrinkles, moisturize the skin and stimulate natural regeneration processes. This kind of treatments give immediate effects which are visible even for 12 months.

The price depends on product’s quantity and kind.

  • Wypełnianie doliny łez – 600-700 zł
  • Powiększanie ust – 750 – 1100 zł
  • Wypełnienie bruzd nosowo – wargowych – 850-1250 zł
  • Wolumetria ( modelowanie) twarzy – 1450 zł
  • Rewitalizacja skóry dłoni – 750 – 1000 zł
Needle mesotherapy

This is one of the most popular aesthetic medicine treatments. It provides the right combination of vitamins, silicon, enzymes, hyaluronic acid, polylactic acid and tissue extracts to the skin. The treatment restores beautiful and healthy appearance to the skin. It is completely save and it does not hurt.

  • Light Eyes ultra – 300 zł
  • Dermahea HL / Mezoterapiaigłowa skóry głowy –  300 zł
  • Hair + / Mazoterapia igłowa skóry głowy – 350 zł
  • Dermahea HSR 5ml. – 400 zł
  • Redenisty I – 450 zł
  • Stylage Hydro – 450 zł
  • Restylane vital light – 550 zł
  • Stege hyroMax – 550 zł
  • Restylane Vital – 700 zł
Hyperhydrosis cure

Hyperhydrosis is a very common medical problem for almost 3% of human population. It is caused by sweat glands hyperactivity which are responsible for temperature and moisturization of human organism. Hyperhydrosis is a complex problem. Very often it concerns feet, hands, armpits, hardly ever face. Botox applicated under the skin blocks sweat secreting.