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Marina Day Spa

- Your haven of relaxation

We are very pleased that you want to know more about Marina Day Spa.

Starting from the beginning, Marina Day Spa is a place created specially for you – this is a relaxation zone for your body and senses.

Małgorzata, Grzegorz, Agnieszka and Martyna Kuchta – doctors family in which one of children decided to go her own way. It brought them all together in a passion to fulfill their common project.

Why is it so important?

We look at this place as customers, we are looking for perfectly prepared service which will reach the most demanding clients expectations in 100%. Knowledge, practice and experience gathered during many years let us putting the elements of specialists work to our services in a beauty spa.

In Marina Day Spa we offer very high quality services like aesthetic medicine and cosmetology carried out by experienced doctors and cosmetologists. For the treatments we use tested and certified medical preparations.


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